Bethesda Workshops 

a place for healing from sexual addiction in Nashville, TN

Spiritual Foundation

Individuals struggling with sexual addiction (whether personally or in relationship with an addict) often suffer from profound spiritual shame. Addicts view their behavior (correctly) as morally wrong, yet most have found little help within their Christian communities. Partners of addicts also find the church poorly equipped to respond to their challenges. On either side of the addiction coin, people frequently are spiritually wounded and spiritually hungry for help and healing.

The Bethesda Healing Workshops combine the best clinical strategies with Christian principles. Each workshop incorporates spiritual components such as music, prayer, and Scripture reading. The spiritual foundation is based on grace and the true nature of a loving God. Participants are gently encouraged toward a personal relationship with a Heavenly Father.

The emphasis is distinctly Christ-centered; however, we take a non-denominational approach and no distinction is made between Protestant and Catholic beliefs. Care is taken not to ignore, alienate, or judge those who are of a different faith or no faith. Anyone is welcome to attend regardless of his or her religious beliefs.