In response to the restrictions required during the COVID-19 pandemic, Bethesda Workshops has moved to a fully online program for our individual intensives: Healing for Men, Healing for Women, and Healing for Partners. ALL OUR WORKSHOPS WILL REMAIN ONLINE FOR THE REST OF 2020. This modified format of our in-person workshops allows you to obtain the assistance you need from the safety of your home.


This modified version of our in-person workshop maintains our highly effective model: teaching segments about all the aspects related to sex addiction as either an addict or a partner, individual assignments, and discussion in small groups. It is an educational and supportive format focused on Sex Addiction and Recovery 101 that continues to incorporate our grace-based Christian emphasis. The online program is not psychotherapy or a substitute for mental health treatment. It still will get you significantly down the road in understanding sex addiction as an addict or a partner and applying successful tools for change.

The online format is from 9 am-5 pm Central time during scheduled Wednesdays through Saturdays. (See each workshop section for the specific dates.)

COST: The fee for the psychoeducational/supportive online workshop is $1,800. A $600 non-refundable deposit is required for registration.

To participate in an ONLINE WORKSHOP, you must meet the following requirements and agree to the logistics about the “Bethesda Bubble” and parameters regarding your participation.

Appropriateness for an Online Workshop
  • Has participated in counseling either currently or in the past (ideally)
  • Psychologically and emotionally stable, including ability to self-regulate
  • Experience with a 12 Step or support group ideally
  • Stable internet connection
  • Desktop or laptop with video capability (participating by phone not allowed; using iPad or tablet discouraged)
  • Ability to use technology to participate in online format
  • Private space with closed door
  • Ability to participate from 9 am-5 pm Central time without distraction as detailed in section about Bethesda Bubble
Bethesda Bubble
  • Not responsible for childcare, work, or any other activities during workshop hours, including at lunch
  • No phone or other devices in workshop space
  • No phone calls, texts, TV, online activity, work, or responsibilities during breaks and lunch
  • Arrangement with spouse/partner to maintain boundaries that ensure your focus during workshop. Bethesda Workshops will communicate with that person to explain these boundaries.
  • No alcohol or drugs not properly prescribed for you during entirety of workshop, including overnight
  • None or very limited work or other responsibilities during evenings. May have overnight assignments.
Parameters Regarding Participation
  • If you miss a session, you will be terminated from the workshop without refund and will still be responsible for paying your balance
  • If you are interrupted by someone during a session (unless it is a significant emergency), you will be terminated from the workshop without refund and will still be responsible for paying your balance

Healing for Partners workshops are held simultaneously with Healing for Women workshops. All participants meet jointly for devotionals and some core teaching, but the majority of a workshop experience is segregated into the two groups. All small group work is separate.