Bethesda Workshops 

a place for healing from sexual addiction in Nashville, TN

Healing for Couples

For couples struggling with sex and love addiction.


Before a couple can come to the Healing for Couples Workshop, each spouse must have attended his and her own individual Bethesda Healing workshop. This preparation gives both spouses the same information (usually delivered by some of the same facilitators). It gets them on the same page about Bethesda’s approach to sex addiction and co-addiction, its roots, and the healing journey. It allows each partner to begin his and her individual journeys of recovery before addressing issues in the coupleship.

Occasionally a couple may meet this requirement by receiving individual treatment at another appropriate clinical facility. Only the Bethesda Workshops director may waive this pre-requisite, and often one or both spouses must still complete certain requirements before the Healing for Couples Workshop. If you believe you and your spouse have met this pre-requisite, please call the director to discuss your situation.

About the Workshop

A Healing for Couples workshop provides the same boost for your coupleship that the individual workshops did for personal healing. Healing for Couples is the same intensive setting that maximizes your investment of time and money.

Healing for Couples is geared for those who are relatively new in their process of recovery. Because the workshop’s focus is on building non-sexual intimacy, husbands and wives do not room together at the workshop. Husbands stay with other husbands and wives stay with other wives.

The workshop is clinical, meaning all the leaders are at least master’s level, licensed counselors who are specifically trained in treating sexual addiction. This workshop uses a comprehensive approach that gets beneath the specific issues in the relationship to look at the roots of the problems.

Couples are divided into small groups and work with the same Bethesda Workshops leaders throughout the workshop. The normal group consists of 3 couples led by two counselors (usually a male and female).

If, the Thursday before your scheduled workshop, you do not notify Bethesda Workshops of your intent to change the date of your workshop, nor have returned your registration paperwork you will not be allowed to attend the workshop and your deposit will be forfeited and you will lose the opportunity to transfer.

Dates & Times

Thursday, 10:00 am – Saturday, 6:00 pm, CST

NOTE: These dates are FINAL and take precedence over any dates in printed material.

March 1-3, 2018

June 28-30, 2018

October 25-27, 2018

Format & Agenda

The workshop format is intense and specifically designed to maximize a couple’s time and investment. The rigorous schedule begins at 8:30 a.m. and continues until approximately 8:30 p.m. The approach consists of a combination of instruction, exercises, small group processing, and large group activities. The small group format uses group therapy and experiential (psychodrama, role-playing, etc.) interventions. Couples complete various assignments together and participate as a couple in a small group. (Individual couples’ sessions are not part of the workshop.)

Through experiential exercises, participants first focus on understanding each other’s woundedness, which generates compassion. From that foundation, couples learn how each person’s trauma gets triggered in their relationship and how to lessen their negative reactivity. Couples also learn techniques to enhance their healthy communication and get to practice their new skills in a safe setting. Each couple creates a simple vision for their coupleship.

Topics include:

  • Trauma-based coupling
  • Handling triggers
  • Rebuilding trust
  • Healthy communication
  • Healthy sexuality
  • Couples vision
  • Spirituality

Location & Lodging

Nashville, TN

The workshops are held in Nashville, TN. All participants stay together in a nearby hotel, where each person shares a room with another workshop participant. (Couples do not room together. Wives stay with other workshop wives and husbands stay with husbands.) The Bethesda Workshops staff will handle your hotel reservations, and all lodging (excluding any optional nights) and meals are included in your workshop fee.

Travel Information

It’s critically important that you be present for the entire workshop. As a group intensive, everyone needs to begin and end together. You WILL NOT be admitted to the workshop if you plan your travel in such a way that you arrive late or leave early, even if that means you have to stay over on Saturday night and leave on Sunday. You shortchange yourself and disrupt the workshop process if you arrive late or leave early.

It’s in your best interest to arrive rested. Please make arrangements to arrive the day before the workshop instead of flying overnight or leaving at dawn to travel the day of the workshop. Don’t arrive exhausted before these intense, long days.

If you’re flying you should arrive in Nashville no later than 9:00 am Central time on Thursday. The Healing for Couples workshop ends at 6:00 pm on Saturday, and participants are free to leave then. Don’t schedule a flight before 7:00 pm at the earliest; ideally your flight should be 7:30 pm or later.

Transportation from the airport is provided and back and forth from the conference hotel, so there’s no need to rent a car.

When you register for a workshop, a Travel Form is one of the documents you’ll receive, and it provides space for you to communicate your travel plans and lodging needs to the Bethesda Workshops staff.