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5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

Healing For Men Workshop

“I see a path out of addiction that I’ve never seen before. I didn’t believe there was a path to recovery until now.”

“The quality of care and professionalism was amazing. This workshop has truly changed my life.”

“The integration of Godly values to truly heal core wounds was remarkable.”

“I resisted any type of community and realized it was a big missing piece of my recovery.”

“I did not expect the depth of material and tools I received for my recovery and I am thankful.”

“The sense of community and brotherly camaraderie was so encouraging.”

“I didn’t think this would reach so deep in my soul.”

“The healing I have already experienced really surprises me. I will be forever grateful for this.”

“The comprehensiveness was astounding. I liked the variability of learning experiences.”

“This workshop is so, so awesome. Wish I had known about this many years ago.”

“I am leaving with ample tools and I had fantastic discovery. 15 out of 10 experience.

Healing For Women Workshop

“I came in carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders and I’m leaving with the ability to walk out with a greater freedom than expected.”

“The format, tools, and therapists are amazing.” 

“I feel I have a better, much better vision and tools to improve my life.” 

“I realized I am not alone.” 

“The hands-on assignments were life-altering.” 

“This has been life-changing.” 

“I learned more in 4 days about my addiction and tools to combat it than I have in 10 years of therapy.”

“I’m leaving feeling strengthened and loved.”

“I was looking for tools and connections and I found both.” 

“I was blown away. I didn’t know exactly what I was getting into but this was the perfect, most welcoming, life giving, non judgmental place to start my recovery.”

Healing for Partners Workshop

“I didn’t expect to have the spiritual experience and it was amazing.”

“This was a powerful weekend. I feel more confident in my journey. Thank you for empowering me and giving me the tools to move forward.”

“This has been the most significant spiritual event in my adult life.” 

“I’m walking away feeling more hopeful for myself.”

“The Lord heard my cry and used this workshop to answer my prayer.”

“The insight, education, hope and healing I’ve experienced here was beyond what I imagined.”

“Bethesda Workshops was a place where I was met with love, understanding and complete acceptance. I was able to bear my soul in a safe place.”

“This was an incredible and life changing experience in every way. I am eternally grateful to Bethesda Workshops.” 

“This was a great workshop and opportunity to connect with others who are going through the same issues.”

“I received understanding, tools and a jumpstart in therapy.”


Healing For Couples Workshop

“This has been the most healing experience of my life.”

“I connected with my spouse in ways I wasn’t sure I could.”

“Bethesda Workshops changed my life and I am eternally grateful for all you do. Having this shared experience with my wife will serve us immensely in our future.”

“You all have certainly changed our lives.”

“This was our first opportunity to do any couples work and it was hugely beneficial!”

“I came out more confident that we can heal and move forward.”

“It furthered our healing as a couple with very hands-on exercises to help us see our parts and places more clearly.”

“Thank you to all the Bethesda Workshops staff. You care for us like family.”

“I believe God was at work at Bethesda.”

“The staff here are priceless.”