Treonna Turner

Treonna (pronounced Tree-AH-na, or as she says, “it’s like Brianna with a T”) Turner serves as the Workshop Coordinator. If you have general questions about a workshop or registration, or if you’re a participant and have questions about your paperwork, Treonna is glad to help. She also coordinates all the lodging and logistics for every


Tania Bodiford

Tania Bodiford is the Financial Coordinator for Bethesda Workshops. If you have questions about payment plans or scholarships, Tania great to work with regarding finances. She also handles the ministry’s purchases and payables.


Teresa Corley

Teresa Corley has provided accounting services for Bethesda Workshops since 2005. She prepares financial statements, assists with budgeting, and serves as the ministry’s corporate treasurer and secretary.


Shane & Steve Oakley

Steve and Shane have gone through the Bethesda Workshops programs as participants, so their personal recovery experience makes it easy for them to relate to former and future attendees. Their primary responsibility is to support Bethesda Workshops alumni. The Oakleys also connect with counselors and clergy who refer to the program or with those who

Marnie Ferree

Marnie Feree

Marnie is considered a leader in the treatment of women who struggle with sex and love addiction. She conducted the first gender-specific workshop for women in 1997, which was the forerunner of Bethesda Workshops. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist and a certified sex addiction therapist. Marnie is passionate about the ministry and