When my friends became obsessed with body cleanses, I thought it was just a fad.  That is, of course, until I did my first cleanse.

It wasn’t easy.  I drank additional fiber in the mornings, took additional pro-biotics, and significantly changed my eating habits for 10 days – no processed foods, fried foods, sweets or cokes and lots of water lean protein, fruits and veggies.

The first few days were so difficult – I craved onion rings, cupcakes and of course, a supersized Diet Coke.  With will power and the support of friends and my husband, I forced myself to substitute water and fruits for my cravings.  Of course, I wasn’t always successful and did have my slips, but after the last day, I really felt better.  I had more energy and was happy with my new eating habits, but haven’t followed such a strict regimen.

A month ago, I decided to have a junk room cleansing.  I had a room, where the things my husband and I couldn’t dare to part with landed.  Of course, we didn’t want these things out in the open in our home, but just couldn’t get rid of these them.

I decided I was ready to purge – I pulled out every item and realized that I just didn’t need this STUFF anymore.  I had kept plastic Chinese jacks from elementary school, business cards and contacts from 15 years ago, payroll information that is just as old, not 1 but 2 VCR rewinders, a Beta Max video camera…you get the idea. Three days later, numerous trips to GoodWill and an overflowing garbage can I felt lighter and proud of all that I had accomplished.

Now, I plan to apply this ‘fad’ to my feelings and emotions.  I want to cleanse the feelings of not being perfect, the sadness and guilt that I have held onto for years.  I want to open up space of acceptance and unconditional love so I can pass these along to others.

1 Timothy 1:6 (MSG) – love uncontaminated by self-interest and counterfeit faith, a life open to God.