Bethesda Workshops 

a place for healing from sexual addiction in Nashville, TN

Travel Info

It’s critically important that you be present for the entire workshop. Do not make travel plans to arrive late for the workshop. You WILL NOT be admitted to the workshop if you plan your travel in such a way that you arrive late. As a group intensive, it’s vital that everyone be present from the start. Also, don’t make travel plans to leave before the workshop ends even if that means you have to stay over on Saturday night and leave on Sunday. You shortchange yourself and disrupt the workshop process if you leave early.

It’s in your best interest to arrive rested when the workshop begins. Please make arrangements to arrive the day before the workshop instead of flying overnight or leaving at dawn the day of the workshop. The Bethesda Workshops staff can arrange for you to stay at the conference hotel (at a very reasonable rate) which allows you to be rested and ready for the intense, long days of the workshop.

When Traveling By Plane

From the Airport to the Workshop Site:

Bethesda Workshops provides limited complimentary shuttle service from the Nashville International Airport. ++

For workshops that begin at 1:00 pm CST on Wednesday, two shuttles run from the airport to the Bethesda Center: mid-morning and late morning.

For the Healing for Couples Workshop, which begins Thursday morning, a shuttle leaves the airport at 9:15 am CST.

From the workshop site back to the airport:

A ride is provided at the end of each workshop according to the following schedule:

Healing for Men Workshop: 4:00 pm CST, Saturday and 8:00 am CST, Sunday
Healing for Women Workshop: 8:00 am CST, Sunday*
Healing for Partners Workshop: 8:00 am CST, Sunday*
Healing for Couples Workshop: 8:00 am CST, Sunday*

* The Women’s and Partners’ workshops end at 6:00 pm on Saturday and the Healing for Couples workshops ends at 6:30 pm. It’s rare to get a flight out of Nashville after these workshops, though a ride will be provided to the airport Saturday evening if needed. For participants who need to stay over Saturday night, Bethesda will provide transportation back to the conference hotel. A shuttle will run Sunday morning back to the airport.

++Any transportation arrangements other than those listed above are the participant’s responsibility. If you’re flying in the night before a workshop begins, we can sometimes provide a ride to the conference hotel, but it’s not guaranteed. Cab service is available to and from the airport for around $40 each way, or shuttle service is around $25 each way through InShuttle (615-255-3519 or