Bethesda Workshops 

a place for healing from sexual addiction in Nashville, TN

Christian-Based Focus

Bethesda Workshops couples the best clinical practices with a Christian worldview. We take a decided grace-based approach and emphasize a relationship with God over rules-based religion. We recognize that many people are spiritually wounded and have suffered at the hands of so-called “religious” individuals and institutions. We’re sensitive to this wounding and hear from many participants that attending a Healing Workshop actually helps this pain.

Bethesda Workshops believes that sexual addiction is a problem that’s deeper than “just” sinful behavior. We hear too many stories about people who have sought help from a church or Christian counselor and been told to pray more or “get right with God.” We feel angry and sad about that incomplete advice.

At the same time, we believe Judeo-Christian scripture has many messages that are applicable to the process of healing from sexual addiction. We draw on some of those familiar stories like the Israelites’ journey from enslavement in Egypt to the promised land to illustrate recovery principles. 

Bethesda Workshops interweaves Christian principles into every facet of our work. We also employ the best practices in addressing the issues of sex and love addiction, and we don’t get sidetracked by controversies about religious tenets or practices.

All are welcome at Bethesda Workshops regardless of their religious beliefs or lack thereof. Participants of Jewish faith, Muslim faith, and without any specific faith affiliation have all found a Healing Workshop to be a welcoming, comfortable environment.

Please call the Bethesda Workshops office if you have questions or concerns about our Christian-based focus.