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I'm surprised at how honest all the guys were. If you'd told me I'd open up that much, I'd have said you were crazy. But it was great! I made friends I'll keep for life.

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Conservatively, at least 3-6% of the adult U.S. population struggles with sexual addiction.

And millions more are at risk: one in three regular Internet users visits a sexually oriented site each month. If you or someone you love deals with secret sexual behavior, you’re not alone! Even for Christians, sexual addiction has become the addiction of choice.

Sexual addiction is an umbrella term that describes a variety of compulsive behaviors. The type of acting out (viewing pornography, using prostitutes, having affairs, whatever) isn’t as important as the pattern and reasons driving it. According to Patrick Carnes, Ph.D., an addiction is a pattern of unmanageable behavior that continues despite someone’s efforts to stop.

“Sexual addiction” is actually not about sex at all. It’s an intimacy disorder – using sexual activity or a relationship in a desperate search for connection, affirmation or love. Sex addiction is a coping mechanism – a way to medicate painful feelings, experiences and memories. While “sex addiction” is a misnomer, unfortunately, it’s one that will probably stick.

Bethesda Workshops provides Christian treatment for sexual addiction recovery. We have an intensive workshop program for male and female sex addicts (or those heading that direction), partners of addicts (or ex-partners of addicts), and addict/partner couples. Our Resources section contains suggested books, 12 Step groups, organizations and links, and our section for Professionals has a wealth of clinical information. There is help and hope!



Give Back on #GivingTuesday
Every single person who has attended a Bethesda Workshop this year says he or she would recommend the program – and that resounding endorsement only echoes what participants have said for 20 years. Wow! We are grateful for the opportunity to impact lives.
Although the cost of a Bethesda Workshop is lower than many other clinical programs and has an amazing cost-benefit ratio, some who need help simply can’t afford it. Bethesda Workshops offers a no-interest payment plan to anyone who requests it, and we have limited scholarship funds available. Still, the need for financial assistance is bigger than what our resources can handle.
In fact, this year the ministry has awarded approximately 10,000.00 MORE in scholarships than we have received in donations to the scholarship fund. Yes, we get that represents a deficit in terms of income. I’m a therapist, not a numbers person, but even I know we can’t keep giving away more money than we receive to fund those awards. Yet we have no intention of stopping our practice of helping people who qualify for a scholarship. It’s part of our mission and fulfillment of what God has called us to do.
On this #GivingTuesday, November 28,WILL YOU HELP US? As someone who has benefitted from a Bethesda Workshop, will you pay it forward?  Our goal is to receive 100 donations of $100 each to replenish our scholarship fund.  But wouldn’t it be awesome to receive another $10,000 to have available for future participants? No gift, though, is too small to be an encouragement and a practical help.
Please support your own healing journey by helping someone else today! Simply visit our support page HERE.

$95,000 of $250,000 currently raised.

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Help for Female Addicts

“We have long needed a practical guide for women and sex addiction. Well written by a woman who has been there.”
Patrick Carnes, Ph.D.

“Marnie Ferree is a pioneer in the field of women’s sexual addiction recovery, and this is a pioneering work destined to become a standard.”  Mark Laaser, Ph.D.

No Stones – Women Redeemed from Sexual Addiction

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Disclosure Part 1

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