Bethesda Workshops 

a place for healing from sexual addiction in Nashville, TN


Attending a Bethesda Healing for Workshop is best viewed as a huge jumpstart for recovery. A specific aftercare plan is crucial. The intensive workshop often identifies core family and trauma issues which will need further healing.

Each participant is helped to outline her aftercare program before she leaves the workshop. A recommended aftercare plan consists of at least two main components:

  • Regular attendance at 12 Step meetings
  • Continued counseling for individual issues, especially additional trauma work

Marital therapy is also recommended if applicable.

Participants are also strongly encouraged to maintain contact with each other. Some groups even plan reunions to celebrate their recovery and connection.

Attending a Bethesda Couples Workshop is a huge boost for a couple in their journey toward a genuine one-flesh union. All relationships, though, need on-going attention. Many couples find they need to continue or return to counseling to enhance their progress from the workshop. Every couple profits from regular connection with other recovering couples, either in a formal group setting or through a fellowship like Recovering Couples Anonymous. Each couple is helped to outline their aftercare program before they leave the workshop.