CDs for Recovery

Vision Beyond Recovery

Sexual addicts and co-addicts often first seek help when their lives are reeling out of control and their marriages and careers are in jeopardy. The initial stages of recovery focus on achieving sobriety and stability. Long-term recovery, however, requires a … Continue reading

Redeeming the Pain

The Western novelist Louis L’Amour writes, “There will come a time when you believe that everything is over. That will be the beginning.” Almost all sex addicts are well acquainted with the anguish of those “ending” times, especially the spiritual … Continue reading

Sex Addiction 101

This workshop provides an overview of sexual addiction: its definition, presentations in men and women, its cycle and roots, and a plan of recovery. Sexual addiction is explained as an intimacy disorder and an impaired method of coping with woundedness. … Continue reading

Secret Shame of Sex Addiction

This keynote address was recorded live during a conference of the National Association of Christians in Recovery in Phoenix. Mark Laaser, the primary speaker,provides information on sexual addiction, including a description of the addiction cycle and the underlying woundedness that … Continue reading

Pursued By The Slayer

This presentation was taped live at a conference of the American Association of Christian Counselors held in Philadelphia in March, 2000. Marnie outlines the problem of sexual addiction, outlines its different presentations, explains the trauma roots of the disease, and … Continue reading

Tools of Recovery

Marnie presented this material as a workshop during an annual joint conference of Sexaholics Anonymous / S-Anon. This one-hour tape outlines succinctly the key components of an effective recovery program. It’s a good teacher (or reminder) of the nuts and … Continue reading

Co-SA/Codependency 101

It is difficult to turn the spouse’s attention away from the addict to focus on her/his own issues. Co-addicts struggle with codependency and have their own family of origin and trauma issues. It’s vital that co-addicts work on themselves even … Continue reading

Beyond Sobriety: Healing from Trauma

This workshop unveils trauma in its various forms as the driving force behind addiction. Trauma profoundly impacts us, and unaddressed trauma prevents emotional and spiritual health. Long-term sobriety  indeed, healing in the full sense  depends on healing from … Continue reading