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Self-Test for Women

These questions are adapted from the Women’s Sexual Addiction Screen Test (W-SAST) develped by Sharon O’Hara and Patrick Carnes and the self-test used by Sexaholics Anonymous.

To complete the test, note any “yes” responses and add up the total number after you’ve gone through all the questions.

1. Have you ever thought you needed help for your sexual behavior or thinking?

2. Have you ever tried to stop or limit what you felt was wrong in your sexual or relationship behavior?

3. Do you use sex to escape, relieve anxiety, or as a coping mechanism?

4. Do you feel guilt, remorse, or depression afterward?

5. Has your pursuit of sex or a particular relationship become more compulsive?

6. Does it interfere with relations with your spouse?

7. Do you have to resort to fantasies or memories during sex in order to be aroused or satisfied?

8. Do you keep going from one relationship or lover to another?

9. Do you feel the right person would help you stop lusting, masturbating, or being so promiscuous?

10. Do you have a destructive need – a desperate sexual or emotional need for someone?

11. Does the pursuit of sex or a relationship make you careless for yourself or the welfare of your family or others?

12. Has your effectiveness or concentration decreased as sex or a relationship has become more compulsive?

13. Have you experienced negative consequences as a result of your sexual or relational behavior?

14. Are you depressed?

15. Were you sexually abused as a child or adolescent?

If you wonder if you may need help, you probably do. If you answered “yes” to any of these questions – especially to several of them – you could benefit from the Bethesda Healing for Women Workshop either to address a full-blown problem or to prevent one from developing.  Visit the First Steps and Resources sections of the website for more information about how to proceed.