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Getting the Right Help

Christian counselors and churches are sadly ill equipped to help those struggling with sexual addiction. What are common mistakes made by untrained Christian helpers? Isn’t regular marriage counseling enough? Hear what the “right help” looks like in terms of addressing the roots of inappropriate sexual behavior, the importance of 12 Step recovery programs, offering equal clinical attention to the addict’s partner, and more.

Disclosure Part 1

Disclosure of an addict’s sexual acting out is one of the hardest parts of the recovery process for both the addict and the partner – and one that is most often done in a hurtful, non-productive way. This first podcast answers questions like these: Why disclose? Won’t my partner leave if I tell what I’ve done? What do you mean by “full” disclosure? What specifically do you disclose? How much detail should be shared?

Disclosure Part 2

This second podcast about disclosure covers the practical aspects of a healthy disclosure, including topics like: The damage of piecemeal disclosure; more wisdom about the level of detail that’s shared; why it’s so important for disclosure to be facilitated by a therapist trained in working with sex addicts and their partners; how an addict prepares for disclosure; how a partner prepares for this event; and the practical aspects regarding a healthy disclosure.