Bethesda Workshops 

a place for healing from sexual addiction in Nashville, TN

Participant Comments

"The depth of biblical teaching I received was incredible. I now have a clear direction of how to find sexual purity in my life." -- Rockford, Illinois

"I've been going to counseling for over 20 years, and I got more out of this workshop than anything I've done during that time." -- Nashville, Tennessee

"I was scared about attending the workshop, but the healing I found was amazing!" -- I was scared about attending...

"The workshop changed my life." -- Fresno, California

"I'm surprised at how honest all the guys were. If you'd told me I'd open up that much, I'd have said you were crazy. But it was great! I made friends I'll keep for life." -- Dallas, Texas

"The workshop was very healing and freeing." -- (Writer), California

"This intensive was the turning point I've longed for and searched for." -- (Teacher), Alabama

"The workshop was worth five times the cost. I couldn't have imagined how life changing it would be." -- (Pharmaceutical salesperson), Tennessee

"Words can't describe the healing I feel and the release from shame! My husband can't believe the difference." -- (Pastor's wife), Illinois

"The spiritual balance was good for those who are spiritually harmed or still making that journey." -- (Lawyer), Georgia

"I received hope for the future and tools I never had before." -- (Interior Design), Montana

"I just wish the workshop could have lasted longer." -- (Homemaker), Mississippi

"I gained much insight and I was able to get in touch with feelings I'd suppressed for many years." -- (Administrative Assistant), Michigan

"It helped so much to have a professional staff who had been there themselves and were on the other side." -- (Accountant), Kansas

"I've learned about sex addiction and co-addiction and I have the tools I need to help myself and our children."

"I now know the freedom of allowing God to work in me to bring about some healthy changes, and I have the tools to cooperate with Him."

"This workshop was worth everything it took to get there: the money, the time, the travel, and the hassle of finding childcare. It's the best gift I've ever received."

"Without the workshop, I never could have looked at myself. My focus was totally on the addict. Now I understand I have to do my own healing work no matter what my spouse does."

"It was so wonderful to finally tell the secret. I've been too ashamed to talk about this before."