Bethesda Workshops 

a place for healing from sexual addiction in Nashville, TN

What We Offer

Bethesda Workshops offers a variety of services in support of its mission to help those who are broken by sexual sin and addiction.

Ministry areas include:

  • Intensive workshops for male sex addicts, female sex addicts, partners of addicts, and couples
  • Speaking ministry: speeches and seminars on topics including –
    • Healthy sexuality
    • Building a one-flesh union in marriage
    • Healthy families
    • Sexual abuse
    • Sexual addiction
    • Talking to your kids about sex
  • Training for clinicians in the areas of sexual addiction and trauma
  • Education for churches, specifically the Healthy Families/Healthy Sexuality Symposium
  • Consulting and crisis intervention assistance for churches and Christian agencies confronted with sexual sin on the part of leadership
  • The sale of books, CDs and other resources (Please visit the Online Store)
  • Referral to counselors and support groups when possible